Our history: Traditional roots with modern visions.

Our story begins in the 90’s when Luciano Sgarra founded the family business Joiner’s Bench GmbH as a contract manufacturer with a small staff. By manufacturing products for other companies, we quickly discovered our excessive pursuit of innovation and progress, as well as the urge to go beyond the then current state of the art.

Our investment in research and development of new technologies was so gratefully received by our customers and partners that we began to implement our ideas into our own products. Vetec GmbH was born, which took over the sales and distribution and together they were to ensure a unique success story.

Our drive for progress and constant investment in further innovations has made us the successful and respected group of companies we are today. We are proud to have played a major role in shaping the current state of the art in our industry and continue to do so. And this with the same team as from the beginning, the same customers who have remained loyal to us over the years and see in us the reliable partner we have been from the beginning. Because despite change and progress, we still follow Luciano Sgarra’s vision day after day and work together to constantly improve our tools, being the reliable partner our customers deserve and in which numerous companies have placed their trust for years.

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We are working to remain the first choice in the future.

We always see our own success from the perspective of our customers. Only in this way can our own growth take place in the long term. Our outlook for the future of the Joiner’s Bench & Vetec Group is therefore based on two fundamental pillars, each of which has become high expectations of ourselves.

On the one hand, we have always focused on long-term customer relationships, as mutual trust not only makes our work easier, but also ensures mutual growth. We work day after day to ensure that we remain the first choice for our current customers in the future.

On the other hand, we rely on our drive for innovation, for new technologies and new standards for our industry. Tomorrow’s challenges must be met today so that we can remain the first choice for numerous companies in the future.

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Our work has an impact on the whole world.


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