We are proud of our position as one of the most reliable partners in our industry.

Our role as

Since our founding in the nineties, we have combined traditional value stability with progressive progress. Our success is based on long-standing relationships of trust with customers from all over the world as well as on our urge not only to recognize the future, but to play a decisive role in shaping it. A founding principle that has proven itself over the many years.
Throughout our company history, our wide-ranging expertise has been the foundation for solving individual challenges. Our independence and the entire internal vertical range of manufacture from the idea to the finished end product are the reason why there has always been almost no challenge for which we have not had or developed the right solution.
Since our inception, we have worked to advance the capabilities of our industry, which has allowed us to play a significant role in shaping the current state of the art. Our inventions and patents influence the progress of the entire market and so not only our customers, but also other suppliers rely on the quality of our work.
Frank Sgarra von Joiner's Bench im Meeting zu Werkzeugen
Technische Planung eines Werkzeugs
Innovative Pressbacke im Meeting in Remscheid

In charge of

We analyze our customers' challenges and provide them with very detailed and transparent advice. Our engineers and technicians work passionately and result-oriented to develop customized solutions for every challenge. In doing so, we offer our customers what they need, not what we want to sell.
At our site in Remscheid, we produce prototypes quickly and in high quality thanks to our modern machinery. Our advantage for customers is that everything from the project team to the machine remains in one hand, which guarantees maximum efficiency and fast results. Manufacturing is carried out in close coordination with our customers, completely regionally in Germany.
Not only producing the perfect tool is our job, but everything that goes with it. We ensure safe and fast delivery - nationally and internationally - and take care of the entire logistics with our partners. Our claim is that you as a customer have a single contact person on whom you can blindly rely in all matters.
Besprechung eines Prototypen in Remscheid
Bohrer bei der Produktentwicklung eines Werkzeugs
Tore eines Logistikunternehmens

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