Pressing jaws SPM32

SPM32 Pressing jaws

All pressing jaws are “Made in Germany” and made of forged material by using the latest standards of production machines and technical possibilities.
All jaws are inductively hardened in press geometry and intake bevel for a long lifetime and safe working.

The quality of our jaws is based on the demands of leading system suppliers and quality standards and can be signed and packed on customers demand.

All pressing jaws are suitable for standard pressing machines in the market with a linear pressing force of 32 kN.

SPM32 Pressing jaws

M-Profile pressing jaw

ItemItem no.
Pressing jaw M12VEPZM12
Pressing jaw M15VEPZM15
Pressing jaw M18VEPZM18
Pressing jaw M22VEPZM22
Pressing jaw M28VEPZM28
Pressing jaw M35VEPZM35

V-Profile pressing jaw

ItemItem no.
Pressing jaw V12VEPZV12
Pressing jaw V15VEPZV15
Pressing jaw V18VEPZV18
Pressing jaw V22VEPZV22
Pressing jaw V28VEPZV28
Pressing jaw V35VEPZV35

TH-Profile pressing jaw

ItemItem no.
Pressing jaw TH12VEPZTH12
Pressing jaw TH14VEPZTH14
Pressing jaw TH16VEPZTH16
Pressing jaw TH17VEPZTH17
Pressing jaw TH18VEPZTH18
Pressing jaw TH20VEPZTH20
Pressing jaw TH25VEPZTH25
Pressing jaw TH26VEPZTH26
Pressing jaw TH32VEPZTH32
Pressing jaw TH40VEPZTH40

U-Profile pressing jaw

ItemItem no.
Pressing jaw U12VEPZU12
Pressing jaw U16VEPZU16
Pressing jaw U18VEPZU18
Pressing jaw U20VEPZU20
Pressing jaw U25VEPZU25
Pressing jaw U32VEPZU32
Pressing jaw U40VEPZU40
Pressing jaw U50VEPZU50

H-Profile pressing jaw

ItemItem no.
Pressing jaw H14VEPZH14
Pressing jaw H16VEPZH16
Pressing jaw H17VEPZH17
Pressing jaw H18VEPZH18
Pressing jaw H20VEPZH20
Pressing jaw H26VEPZH26
Pressing jaw H32VEPZH32

RF-Profile pressing jaw

ItemItem no.
Pressing jawRF16VEPZRF16
Pressing jaw RF20VEPZRF20
Pressing jaw RF25VEPZRF25
Pressing jaw RF32VEPZRF32


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SPM32 Universal pressing jaws

Item-No. VEPZU1232

M-Profile interchangeable dies

ItemItem no.
Interchangeable die M12VEPE22M12
Interchangeable die M15VEPE22M15
Interchangeable dieM18VEPE22M18
Interchangeable die M22VEPE22M22

Further dimensions on demand

V-Profile interchangeable dies

ItemItem no.
Interchangeable die V12VEPE22V12
Interchangeable die V15VEPE22V15
Interchangeable die V18VEPE22V18
Interchangeable die V22VEPE22V22
Interchangeable die V28VEPE22V28

Further dimensions on demand

TH-Profile interchangeable dies

ItemItem no.
Interchangeable die TH12VEPE22TH12
Interchangeable die TH14VEPE22TH14
Interchangeable die TH16VEPE22TH16
Interchangeable die TH17VEPE22TH17
Interchangeable die TH18VEPE22TH18
Interchangeable die TH20VEPE22TH20
Interchangeable die TH25VEPE22TH25
Interchangeable die TH26VEPE22TH26
Interchangeable die TH32VEPE22TH32

Further dimensions on demand

U-Profile interchangeable dies

ItemItem no.
Interchangeable die U12VEPE22U12
Interchangeable die U14VEPE22U14
Interchangeable die U16VEPE22U16
Interchangeable die U18VEPE22U18
Interchangeable die U20VEPE22U20
Interchangeable die U25VEPE22U25
Interchangeable die U32VEPE22U32

Further dimensions on demand

H-Profile interchangeable dies

ItemItem no.
Interchangeable die H14VEPE22H14
Interchangeable die H16VEPE22H16
Interchangeable die H17VEPE22H17
Interchangeable die H18VEPE22H18
Interchangeable die H20VEPE22H20
Interchangeable die H26VEPE22H26
Interchangeable die H32VEPE22H32

Further dimensions on demand

RF-Profile interchangeable dies

ItemItem no.
Interchangeable die RF16VEPE22RF16
Interchangeable die RF20VEPE22RF20
Interchangeable die RF25VEPE22RF25
Interchangeable die RF32VEPE22RF32

Further dimensions on demand

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