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Mechanische Presswerkzeuge

MPZ26 Manual pressing tool

Item-No. VEMPZ26

Product Description

Manual pressing tools for radial press-fitting connections (plastic and composite pipe system).
The robust design, quick lock system for die changes for convenience on building sites, optimised leverage and the safety locking mechanism guarantee a long service life and user-friendly action.

Technical Data

Possible pressing contoursTH /  U / H / RF
Weight excl. caseapprox. 1,90 kg
Dimensions excl. caseapprox. 510 mm x 110 mm x 30 mm
Weight of case (empty)approx. 1,98 kg
Dimensions of caseapprox. 525 mm x 190 mm x 45 mm

TH-Profile interchangeable dies

ItemItem no.
Interchangeable die TH12VEPE20TH12
Interchangeable die TH14VEPE20TH14
Interchangeable die TH16VEPE20TH16
Interchangeable die TH17VEPE20TH17
Interchangeable die TH18VEPE20TH18
Interchangeable die TH20VEPE20TH20
Interchangeable die TH25VEPE20TH25
Interchangeable die TH26VEPE20TH26

Further dimensions on demand

U-Profile interchangeable dies

ItemItem no.
Interchangeable die U12VEPE20U12
Interchangeable die U14VEPE20U14
Interchangeable die U16VEPE20U16
Interchangeable die U18VEPE20U18
Interchangeable die U20VEPE20U20
Interchangeable die U25VEPE20U25

Further dimensions on demand

H-Profile interchangeable dies

ItemItem no.
Interchangeable die H14VEPE20H14
Interchangeable die H16VEPE20H16
Interchangeable die H17VEPE20H17
Interchangeable die H18VEPE20H18
Interchangeable die H20VEPE20H20
Interchangeable die H26VEPE20H26

Further dimensions on demand

RF-Profile interchangeable dies

ItemItem no.
Interchangeable die RF16VEPE20RF16
Interchangeable die RF20VEPE20RF20
Interchangeable die RF25VEPE20RF25

Further dimensions on demand

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  • MZP26 mit Koffer
  • MPZ26 Wechseleinsatz
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